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The HQ Verve, a high-performance 4-line kite, offers impressive acrobatics and exceptional manoeuvrability.


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Verve : A High-Performance Kite

The Verve, a high-performance four-line kite from HQ, will leave you speechless. Its flying acrobatics are impressive: it can fly forwards, backwards, sideways, hovering, performing dynamic rotations and sudden stops. The robust structure of its rolled Dynamic rods and lightweight ripstop polyester sail are held in shape by a complex bow balance, amplifying its flying characteristics.

The Verve is easy to launch, precise even in light winds, and highly maneuverable. Whether you're an expert or a beginner, this kite guarantees maximum fun. 

Technical specifications :

- Dimensions: 252 cm x 83 cm

- 31 g/m² ripstop polyester sail

- Dynamic D20 carbon fiber structure

- Dyneema lines included, 50 kg resistance, 4 x 25 m on a Quad handle.

- Wind force 2 to 5 (approx. 6 to 35 km/h)

- Suitable for pilots aged 14 and over.

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