Shipping conditions


Packaging and delivery of your parcel

Here, at La boutique du cerf-volant, we always try to send products as soon as we can.

All the products with the "24H delivery available" are packed and sent the day of your order.

A lot of kites are available here, at the shop, all the time.

You can have your order shipped in the whole world ! The price of the shipping may vary depending on your parcel's weight. 

- EU (Zone 1) : Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg (from €9.90 for a parcel up to 1kg).

- EU (Zone 2) : U.K., Spain, Italy (€14.90 for 1kg).

- EU (Zone 3) : Austria, Danemark, Ireland, Portugal (€19.90 for 1kg).

- EU (Zone 4) : Finland, Sweden, Norway (€19.90 for 1kg).

- EU (Zone 5) : Greece, Hungary, Poland, Island, Czech Rep., Slov. (€19.90 for 1kg).

- Switzerland (€14.90 for 1kg). 

- Other non EU countries (€19.90 for 1kg). 

- North America (€24.90 for 1kg).

- Central America, Africa, Asia, Australia (€34.90 for 1kg).

For a large number of countries, you can also choose a DHL Express Delivery for a 24h delivery in Europe (48h for USA and Canada).

If you want to know the price of the shipping for an order heavier than 1kg, please send us a message.

Return your product

A return can be arranged if you have a problem with your order.

You can just contact us and you'll have an answer before the end of the day.

We'll find together the best way to send the products back and we'll arrange a replacement or a reimbursement as soon as possible.


Packaging and environment

All the wrappings come from a recycling program. We organise the pick up and the reconditioning of a big number of packages every month.

But no worries, all the products we send are packed in a decent well closed parcel !

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